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US-2005017088-A1: Pump-bottle atomizer patent, US-2006138330-A1: Flexible liquid-filled ionizing radiation scintillator used as a product level detector patent, US-2006174841-A1: Foldable/collapsible structure patent, US-2006219839-A1: Guided kinetic penetrator patent, US-2006276065-A1: Electrification system for use in a vehicle patent, US-2007149955-A1: Surgical instrument positioning system and method of use patent, US-2008034160-A1: System and method for caching results patent, US-2008156814-A1: Cooling tray patent, US-2008216854-A1: Methods of making reconstituted tobacco sheets patent, US-2009038534-A1: Flagpole assemblies patent, US-2005028070-A1: Methods and apparatuses for variable length encoding patent, US-2005152955-A1: Electrostatically self-assembled antimicrobial coating for medical applications patent, US-2005233828-A1: Rear, perimeter, and face weighted putter support patent, US-2006258180-A1: Card edge coaxial connector patent, US-2007209868-A1: Safety harness with an integrated lanyard patent, US-2007237447-A1: Polarization modulation interrogation of grating-coupled waveguide sensors patent, US-2007261278-A1: Cammed connector pin assembly and associated excavation apparatus patent, US-2008217938-A1: Reaching aid and method for the physically impaired patent, US-2009084567-A1: Attachments For Power Tools patent, US-2009256334-A1: Temporary snowboard fastener patent, US-2005077292-A1: Collapsible enclosure patent, US-2007223308-A1: Methods of range selection for positioning marine seismic equipment patent, US-2004141831-A1: Substrate loading and uploading station with buffer patent, US-2004243682-A1: System and method for user notification patent, US-2005216238-A1: Method and program for converting boundary data into cell inner shape data patent, US-2005258388-A1: Dual chamber orifice fitting valve patent, US-2006272179-A1: Article of footwear incorporating a fluid system patent, US-2008213857-A1: Patterning substrate and cell culture substrate patent, US-2009248786-A1: Request routing based on class patent, US-2006223622-A1: Method and apparatus for operating lotteries and for generating and processing lottery entries patent, US-2007011678-A1: Methods and systems for managing shared tasks patent, US-2007074957-A1: Switch assembly having non-planar surface and activation areas patent, US-2008097221-A1: Optical in-vivo monitoring systems patent, US-2003132837-A1: Tip-over detection device for motor vehicle patent, US-2004250253-A1: Method and apparatus for providing multi-client support in a sip-enabled terminal patent, US-2006293749-A1: Interbody fusion ring and method of using the same patent, US-2007066890-A1: Catheter device patent, US-2007209405-A1: Rotation restricted locking apparatus and method patent, US-2009010752-A1: Pump and method patent, US-2009314087-A1: Ultrasonic testing of fitting assembly patent, US-2003152130-A1: Arrangement for temperature monitoring and regulation patent, US-2005138975-A1: Disguised safe patent, US-2006197781-A1: System and method utilizing enhanced imagery and associated overlays patent, US-2004089142-A1: Systems and methods for creating, modifying, interacting with and playing musical compositions patent, US-2008100874-A1: Notary document processing and storage system and methods patent, US-2008274272-A1: Antistatic optical film, method for manufacturing the same and image viewing display patent, US-2008291669-A1: Solid state lighting panels with limited color gamut and methods of limiting color gamut in solid state lighting panels patent, US-2009106728-A1: Routing methods for integrated circuit designs patent, US-2004189615-A1: Element substrate and a light emitting device patent, US-2004199224-A1: Method and system for laser treatment of refractive errors using offset imaging patent, US-2005236348-A1: Nestable and stackable document storage trays patent, US-2006035725-A1: Perimeter weighted golf ball patent, US-2007209258-A1: Information display system patent, US-2005256684-A1: System and method for estimation of a distribution algorithm patent, US-2009156120-A1: Method and system for portable data storage with integrated 60 ghz radio patent, US-2004096501-A1: Novel drug delivery system patent, US-2004150794-A1: Projector with camcorder defeat patent, US-2004251312-A1: Coatings for use in fuel injector components patent, US-2006039198-A1: Bitline governed approach for coarse/fine programming patent, US-2006254239-A1: System and method for managing the electrical control system of a windrower header flotation and lift system patent, US-2007194779-A1: Method Of Assembling And Testing An Electronics Module patent, US-2008228657-A1: Apparatus and process facilitating customer-driven sales of products having multiple configurations patent, US-2003198720-A1: Cake decorating with a substrate-supported edible material printed with an image by an ink jet printer patent, US-2004146475-A1: Personal care composition containing a cationic cellulose polymer and an anionic surfactant system patent, US-2004199624-A1: Managing a virtual private network patent, US-2005145579-A1: Use of polymers comprising thermoplastic polymers as filtration aids and/or stabilising agent patent, US-2007022515-A1: Article of headwear and method of making same patent, US-2007118464-A1: Method and system for optimal pricing and allocation with additional units allocated patent, US-2008216092-A1: System and method for opportunistic image sharing patent, US-2009123530-A1: Liposome Drug Delivery patent, US-2004073495-A1: Method and apparatus for creating a bar code patent, US-2006253186-A1: Apparatus and methods for renal stenting patent, US-2007032818-A1: Surgical tourniquet cuff for limiting usage to improve safety patent, US-2007294902-A1: Headwear-size measuring apparatus patent, US-2008023988-A1: Stiffeners for utility trailer structural panels patent, US-2003175850-A1: Devices and methods for isolating target cells patent, US-2006014445-A1: Outboard jet drive marine propulsion system and control lever therefor patent, US-2009062379-A1: Compositions and methods for treating immune disorders patent, US-2004153211-A1: Robot system and robot apparatus control method patent, US-2004183082-A1: Light emitting element and light emitting device patent, US-2006286002-A1: Microfabricated structures for facilitating fluid introduction into microfluidic devices patent, US-2005262760-A1: Chemical synthesis methods using electro-catalysis patent, US-2006201213-A1: Locking system for grade level enclosures patent, US-2005055578-A1: Administration of protection of data accessible by a mobile device patent, US-2005233962-A1: Methods and compositions for preventing and treating male erectile dysfunction and female sexual arousal disorder patent, US-2009142692-A1: Low molecular weight latex and toner compositions comprising the same patent, US-2006167520-A1: System and method for detection enhancement programming patent, US-2003202291-A1: Slide microactuator using C-shaped piezoelectric element patent, US-2006262146-A1: Mobile communication terminal and method patent, US-2007068949-A1: Pill cup patent, US-2006016936-A1: Steelwire-hook mode web sheet patent, US-2007233599-A1: Systems and Methods for Hold Periods Based Upon Risk Analysis patent, US-2004210070-A1: Method and apparatus for processing vegetable oils patent, US-2006233676-A1: Glass test tube having protective outer shield patent, US-2007259792-A1: Functional fluid compositions patent, US-2004232229-A1: Access system patent, US-2006144734-A1: Bulk bag and rigid fork lift tine receiving member combination patent, US-2007288411-A1: Method and apparatus for developing cognitive skills patent, US-2007160960-A1: System and method for calculating a projectile impact coordinates patent, US-2009102202-A1: System and method for converting wind into mechanical energy patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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